Christian James is an American Pop singer- songwriter. He was born and raised in West Palm Beach, FL and is now based in Nashville, TN. In his early years of the industry, at the age of 17, Christian released his debut single "Give Him Up" feat. Macy Kate in 2015. That same year in August, he walked the orange carpet at the Teen Choice Awards to promote his single. Two years later, at the age of 19, Christian released his next single 'Fall' in May of 2017. With over 100k streams on sound cloud and 70k streams on Spotify, Christian progressed his way in the industry. Featured in magazines such as "Pop Star", "Celeb Mix", "Tiger Beat" and more, Christian is labeled as the next "Teen

Heartthrob." This marked the beginning of his music journey.  Continuing to find his musical sound, Christian releases "Never Said Sorry" a year later (2018). With a sad turning point, gaining more attention from the press, fans continue to follow along the journey of his long lost love.  Continuing to write, he is expected to release an EP 'Central Blvd' that will give fans and listeners more of his lost love journey. 'Central Blvd' is a street located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Fans seem to think that this significant location being the title is based off the experiences he had with his lost love, where it all began. Continuing to spark interest in others, Christian preps his fans for his biggest project yet on social media.